Saturday, September 8, 2007

hi every one

greg been missing has and i've lost time and i'm very sad and tired and down just in the dumps and I wnating to keep call my neighbor but I don't name his remember and

i've been getting better with night thinking thinking and I've been thinking that I got an email you read would like to

it from is the red kang and he is it hard to read right now but last night I read it and it made made think and it made me sad

made little gray clouds in my heart

>>>You seem so intent on vilifying me, Mr. *******. I would ask why, but I know the answer.

You're afraid, and this fear is universal within all men. For my revolution to proceed, I must strip you of this fear. Oh, but what is the first step? Confiscation. Stripping you of all the usless accessories you've gathered throughout your life. Destabilizing your "reality". Teaching you to look at things from different perceptions. Freeing you from the shackles of entitlement and familiarity. I think we're well under way with this.

I lost my family. I lost my friends. I lost all my material possessions. Oh, it may be possible to take them back, but I wouldn't if I could. Losing them was a learning experience. I hope you will feel the same way eventually. Of course, I will give you the option when I feel you are ready.

Now the second step involves revelation. You must be told all truths. You are not ready for this. Half the things I'd tell you would be spat back into my face, I'm sure. Let's go over some common questions involving the project. Do you honestly believe the experiment was actually focused on dreams? Are you sure it wasn't something else? Maybe your employers made a bad assumption. Maybe the dollar signs told them that the world needed a form of therapy as powerful as mine. They tried to limit the power. They tried to limit me. That was a big mistake. I spent years locked up with talentless quacks probing and examining me, trying to get inside my mind. You don't think I had plenty of time to think things over?

Were the people you and your coworkers examining really candidates, or were they just random nobodies pulled off the street - nobodies who were dismissed before their interviews even began? Were people like Albert Rosalez, Anthony Marcello, and Bogdan Petrovici deeply involved with the project because of their skills or because they were known to be amoral sociopaths who could keep secrets?

I keep asking you questions because it is important you at least attempt to answer them before I do so for you. At this point, you have two choices. You may side with me and be transformed, or you may wait patiently for insanity or death at the hands of your former wagemasters.

Darkness is only what has not yet been given light. We fear it because we fear the unknown, but in it lies potential and power waiting to be discovered and put to use. Embrace the darkness. You only fear it because you can't see through it yet.<<<

my other freind told me he would mailing me soon pictures

i'm gunna look at the mpictures

i feel so cold and sweaty and i know this is drug like a but i promise i love you and will be night at back and i will tell will tell about my days and finding to try greg

do you know where greg is

blood he left behind his

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