Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recommendations & Responses

I have read quite a bit of information that A.F. has been kind enough to send me. Unfortunately, he does not have immediate access to the pictures at the moment. He knows where they are, but it will take some time to acquire them. Instead, he will be supplying me with other documents until he gets them. He has to read through a lot and pick out what could most easily be posted here and what would be seen as most interesting. He believes these "recommendations and responses" that Rosalez sent to his higher-ups are of great importance.

So they are.

"Oversaw amputations one and two today. I wanted to be finished with the whole thing, but Brooks was against it. She believes we're pushing our luck enough and should finish the amputations at a later date after some 'recuperation'. I am not sure how I feel about Ms. Brooks. Such a lack of ambition is hardly ever a good sign. I would most certainly not recommend her for a seat on the head staff." - Dr. Albert Rosalez

"Wandering the east wing this morning, I found myself hearing music. It was a soft and sad tune. I searched for its source but was unable to locate it. If the subject's power has extended into east wing, we have nothing but trouble ahead of us. I would speak with O'Brien, but I'm sure he'd come up with some excuse to get out of doing anything. Something's wrong, and nobody wants to fix it. A little help would be appreciated." - Dr. Albert Rosalez

"These nasty little incidents will continue to go up so long as the polyphasic sleep schedule is only 'enforced' by a single, meek employee. I try my best to supervise these things, but it's hard when the only person cooperating with you is already in over his head. I do not like the personal bond they are developing. Brief, sporadic shifts would hopefully prevent the subject from drawing too much sympathy from his guards and supervisors. I have considered muting him, but, as usual, Brooks is against it. She believes this would only make him angrier and more dangerous. On this, I will concede that she may be right.

Still, I need some extra forces down here. His mind is a weapon he wields all of the time. Somebody needs to make sure he doesn't pull the trigger." - Dr. Albert Rosalez

"I will not lie. Our first test examination of the subject's mind has been a disaster of epic proportions. To calm him down, we had to use far more sedatives than we wanted to, and we had no idea if it would have a negative effect on the experiment. Even after this, we had quite a struggle inserting the wires into him. When he finally stopped writhing, I ordered the proper actions to be carried out. Things seemed to be going smoothly for a matter of seconds, and then we approached what I call the Guardian - a protective figure keeping us out of the subject's mind.

Then, a large figure appeared behind the Guardian (which you can see in the video). After this, the video glitched, and a stutter was produced. While this stutter began, all hell broke loose in the lab. Machinery blew apart, debris hit people, and a technician (I believe) was even severely injured by wiring. Of course, I restate this for you because I fear you may be too distracted by the burns our subject suffered during the chaos. I urge you not to worry about that. My team has throughly examined him, and while he is physically a pathetic, charred mockery of life, his mind is as sharp and useful as ever. He remains of great use to us.

No, the real question lies in what to do with the undependable employees who were present and how to prevent this from happening in the future. I was able to keep my head about me long enough to hit the proper emergency buttons. Currently I have the following employees lying in a catatonic state in Lab VII:

[Names omitted - includes my own and many of my associates/friends]

I realize we cannot simply execute them all at once. Subtlety is indeed necessary. Why not involve the group in a major scandal? I know it would do some damage to the company, but I think making the world believe we have a handful of rotten apples is preferable to the world thinking us unethical and incompetent as a whole.

Stone suggested that we 'fix them' with a form of the hypnosis we originally tried on the subject. As you know, his capabilities allowed him to resist it for the most part; however, Stone is confident that we could permanently rewrite the liabilities' memories with the technique. I think it's a large gamble to take. It may work, but what if it doesn't? The last thing we need is a bunch of scientists running around spouting off about what happened and then claiming we somehow violated them mentally.

I will say that I would not be opposed to a hybrid solution. Perhaps we will alter their memories and later eliminate or discredit the problematic ones. It's up to you." - Dr. Albert Rosalez

"The false memory implants seem to have been a great success, and I must say that I am somewhat surprised. They're all walking from place to place, talking excitedly about the project as if nothing had gone wrong. Oh, they remember a glitch and an abrupt ending to the experiment, but let's say it's a much more peaceful alternative to the truth." -Dr. Albert Rosalez

"We've beat him, we've choked him, we've held him underwater, and we've shocked him. Still, he simply sits there. He's disgusting to look at now, but he doesn't seem to notice. He's like a deformed, little statue. The sound of his breathing makes even me nauseous. Stepping within seven feet of him, you are guaranteed to hear music. It plays all of the time. He's always on.

I don't know what to do at this point. He's obviously planning something, but nobody's been hurt. He may be making peace or something similar. This could mean two things:

1) He's going to simply accept his fate here.

2) He's going to kill himself.

Because of the second possibility, I urge you to get a full medical staff stationed with him at all times. We cannot lose such a large investment." - Dr. Albert Rosalez

If A.F. is to be trusted, I now know much more about what may be going on then I ever thought possible. It has restored hope in me, though I'm disappointed that it seems to be becoming more and more likely that it was my own employers that have victimized me and that our subject may very well have played little to no part in what started to happen to me.

I still refuse to turn to the Red King.

Tomorrow night we should have some notes from a Mr. Alan Stone. Stone supposedly worked quite often with A.F. He acted as a sort of historian of the project - examining failures, successes, and other such things, and applying them to whatever the company was currently doing.

After this response is posted, I will be responding to questions, so be sure to check yours out if you posted one recently that didn't get a response.


Krysalid said...

I'm in a rush here, so I'll be brief.

I've followed your experience since a long time, but it's not until now that you dissapeared that I look to involve myself into this.

R.F. I just hope that you are still alive, and have not been taken under the claws of the Red King.

It's my wish to know that, after all this, you still made it through...

Psyber said...

I wish this blog would update.