Monday, September 3, 2007

Yes, we are alive.

Labor Day weekend may have been fun for many of you, but it was rather unpleasant for R.F. and me. Between having a conversation with Samuel's girlfriend that made things about him seem even more confusing, spending a good portion of the time in a half-asleep state full of nightmares, and getting some distressing information from the email informant we mentioned a while ago (the one whose address we did not give out), we've had our hands more than halfway full. Things have just settled down for the night, but I'm still a bit jumpy. Tomorrow there will be a practically novel-length entry (or two: R.F. seems to be doing much better), so I suggest you bring your patience with you.

I intend on spending the rest of my Labor Day fulfilling its ironic purpose: resting. Goodnight, and God Bless.

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angelus78gak said...


It seems to me, as an outside observer going over the facts to this point, that the original subject to the red king project had abilities prior to the project. That the subject did indeed know where his lost (cousin?friend?) was but under pressure from the 'others' was not allowed to share this information with the authorities in fear of bringing attention to them. It seems to be that the subject has split off from the rest of the group and that your collogues as well as yourself have been placed in a struggle you couldn't see coming.