Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Empty House

We have received two important emails.

One is from our old friend Sammy. He claims to be speaking to us on behalf of a higher power.

"I do not want to worry you, R*****. Your family is in a peaceful place. They are in the paradise that the Red King has created within and around himself. They will be set free when the time is right. All we be set as we see it should be.

However, the Red King first wants me to tell you something about his past."

The message then proceeds into an anecdote supposedly written by the "Red King":

"When I was a child, there was a house across the street that had quite a bit of local lore attached to it. It had remained vacant until I was just a toddler. Around the time I turned four or five, it was supposedly bought up by a family no one ever has ever remembered seeing. Sometimes a van would come late at night or early in the morning, but that was all anybody could see. Plants were installed strategically around windows.

The local kids believed the inhabitants to be cannibals or goblins. Adults believed the house to be owned but uninhabited by those fixer-up types or some such. I wasn't sure about any of that, but I did find myself fascinated by the house and its mysterious owners for some reason. When I was eleven, I worked up the courage to try and sneak inside one day. While I was supposed to be camping out in a friend's backyard, I snuck to the house and hid between two large bushes. Sometime after one in the morning, the van pulled in. A man in a suit carrying a briefcase and folder got out. As he neared the house, I slowly crept around so that I would be directly behind him as he opened the front door. I had a plan to explain my presence if (more of a when, thinking back) he caught me.

I was successful.

I only caught a glance of the inside, but that was more than enough. Most of what was visible to me was unfurnished, but in one back corner there was an absolutely massive piece of machinery. I could only stutter. The man slowly turned around and looked at me. He furrowed his brow like a frustrated father and spoke very sternly.

"Get out of here, Terry."

I had never met the man in my life.

I tell you this story to remind you that sometimes an answered question only leads to an even larger number of questions and doubts. The question of what inhabited a creepy house on my street soon led me on an odyssey that still has me questioning certain aspects of my reality and purpose in existence. What should have been a straightforward venture into an empty or goblin-filled house (depending on whether you asked adults or children) became something that has taken me down many strange and horrible paths in life.

Do not assume that things are as simple as black and white. Do not assume that I am some villain simply because you choose to see me as that. Be prepared to accept all possibilities. Prepare to accept me.

I am only trying to help."

I have experienced no hallucinations today, and R.F. has continued his sleeping for the most part. I hope things will get better for him soon.

I will now be answering recent and still relevant questions.


GlitteringGold said...

Can you share the details of the second email?

vitpink said...

Why did you black out the images in the Important post?

vitpink said...

Whose house was it that RF sent his family to? Was it a relative or a close friend of his? He said it was someone he trusted.

Have you heard anything from the people that lived in the house?