Saturday, August 25, 2007

We are leaving.

Having discussed it further, gathered up all necessary equipment, and (this is the hardest part, in my opinion) mapped out a route that will hopefully keep us somewhat close to civilization, we are headed out to check in on RF's family.

We still have some questions to answer, but that'll be it.

We should be back some time late tomorrow evening, if all goes well.


vitpink said...

Why did you black out the images in the Important post? Did they start to remind you of something?

Jon Mahaffie said...

R.F., I am not belittling you or anything, don't think anything of the sort, but I am just questioning your decision to drive/travel with Greg, is it safe? Are you driving or walking or what? do you really think it wise to put yourself into a large chunk of metal traveling at high speeds in your current state? Well, it doesnt matter as of now because you have probably left already and are almost back.

Secondly, this might shed some insight to your condition. Is there a mental hospital/psych ward nearby? You could check yourself in anonymously or with a fake name, and I'm sure the doctors could at least tell Greg what is the matter with you. or perhaps you could have yourself subjected to the same kind of tests you gave and see if there's any similarity to the original test patient. It sounds kind of ominous that you couldn't see the face in the picture, maybe the same "face"/ entity is lurking in your subconscious. Just some suggestions

I wish you luck.