Monday, August 20, 2007

The Hallucinations.

In this particular entry I'll be going over the various effects people involved in the Red King Project have experienced.

It was posted in the conversation log, but it's worth reiterating that there are two things happening to people who were involved in the project: there are the people who are slowly going insane from hallucinations and memory problems, and there are those who isolate themselves from society before completely disappearing. At least five people I know of have disappeared, though the behavior they display before their vanishing have caused the police in most cases to lean towards them having voluntarily taken off. Those who were married have divorced their wives and left their families. They refuse to work and end up living in poverty. Not long after this, they disappear.

Those of us hallucinating seem to have longer lifespans. I know one old friend has been committed to a mental institution after he tore the flesh on his arm to pieces in an attempt to get "the dirt out". A more serious case would be another friend who left a suicide note behind but no body. These are the most severely damaged people of this particular group. There are some good stories. Another friend sought psychiatric help. He doesn't speak to me anymore, but I hear he's doing reasonably well. I wish I had the courage to do what he did.

I have managed to speak to a few others who were kind enough to go over some hallucinations they've been having.

A man I'll call Tom constantly sees a headless, gowned figure walking down the hallway outside of his bedroom if he goes into it at night and closes the door too late. There's a particular turn near his house where he says he constantly sees a person passed out, their body jerking around in sharp spasms. He's tried twice to help the figure, but it always fades away as he gets closer. He also has a problem with mirrors. Specifically, if he focuses on his reflection at all, certain things change. His eyes go from brown to blue, his head appears to twitch when he knows that it isn't, and, at the worst, he will be able to see his reflection, but not his mouth.

Another friend has the same, vivid nightmare every night. He's standing in the middle of a dark field, when he hears what sounds like a large vehicle coming up behind him. Turning around, he finds himself being set upon by a gigantic, human hand. Like experiences R.F. has gone through, he often spots black handprints in his house. He also prefers doors to be completely closed. Creaked open, he can see hands inching out of them.

A coworker I'll call Jim claims that lights in his house will randomly turn on and off. He used to go out on walks at night, but doesn't anymore because he can see figures moving around up in his bedroom. He has been separated from his wife for some time and lives alone.

I'll be going into more details soon, but these are the big hallucinations.

R.F. called Sammy today, but his girlfriend said he's held himself up in the basement and seems to be rather emotionally distraught by his sick mother's condition. She's been trying to coax him out for some time, and he almost came out after hearing R.F. had called. He decided at the last moment to stay locked in the basement.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Greg. Those details are interesting and I am glad at least one person seems to have gotten beyond this. Are you in contact with anyone else who is in the "group" that you and RF are in? Do you know if any others involved in the project have their own copies of the video or vid caps? Your vid cap does not appear in RF's video--perhaps other people also have different images.

One last question--while we haven't confirmed Sammy's association with the project (though he knows many of the same details that you and RF know), do you know anything about his girlfriend or mother (or her illness)? Were they involved with the Red King? Thanks again for your indulgence.

vitpink said...

Thank you for answering so many questions:)

In the screen cap from the video that R.F. posted he stated that it was a sort of off, Greg's comment was that it was a little off. That's true of the figure in the video, it is oriented a little differently than it is in the video. What neither of you addressed was the face that looms in the background. You both noticed it didn't you? It's really spooky looking. Does it look like anyone you've seen before?

Thanks again!

Jeffrey said...

Question for Greg or R.F.

Do you think that the disappearances are kidnappings taking place or people just wandering off and isolating themselves?

Assuming the company behind "The Red King Project" is responsible for these disappearances I am curious who they would be more interested in. The group who is disappearing (perhaps for secret observation on why they are responding differently) or the group that is hallucinating (the disappearances being a way to get rid of the others).

On another note. The Video is a feed of the test patients "dreams" so to speak. Is it possible that someone was then using these recorded "dreams" and implanting them into others minds (yours perhaps?)


Greg said...


It was lucky that I even got the copy I did. Yes, I do keep in contact with the rest of the group for the most part, and none of them have any copies of the video for themselves. If someone related to Sam worked on the project, I do not have any clue as to who they were.


I am not seeing a face. Sorry. If it's faded or "hidden" or something, could you please highlight it somehow?


I do not know if they are kidnappings or if they were so manipulated that they did wander off on their own. Either way, I believe our old employers are behind it.

Second part's a good question. If they do wish to study us, I imagine they feel equally about both groups, but certain people react differently under the necessary circumstances, and they must adjust their methods from case to case accordingly. Implanting the dream imagery itself would be an immense undertaking, and, considering how little is known about the subconscious in the first, our employers would probably not find it worth it to go through all of the trouble for something that may not work.