Sunday, August 19, 2007

The room.

I had a nightmare. I was being forcibly pulled through what looked to be a mental hospital. Aside from the orderlies and what appeared to be a couple doctors, there was also a large number of armed guards. Everything was absolutely covered in white. It smelled so unpleasantly sterile. I can't explain it.

We came to a big door that itself led to a huge room that seemed filthy and had dim lighting. A strange series of machines circled the center of the room. Looking at the machines, I saw people sitting in a chair in front of each one. Their heads were tilted as far as back the positioning would allow. Their foreheads were strapped to the machine. Their eyes were covered. Their mouths were tongueless and being held open with strange wires. As I was led to an empty seat, I noticed something else. Each and every person in there is missing their arms and legs. As this horrible vision sinks in, I notice the noise - they were all making these horrible noises. Some sounded like they were attempting to scream, others sounded as if they were gently sobbing, and a small few just seemed to be trying to speak.

I am fastened into my chair. I realize all the chairs have arm and leg straps. Of course, mine are the only ones being used. I realize this does not bode well, but I still fail to panic. It's not sinking in.

A young doctor approaches me. His skin is a sallow gray, and, yet another time I'm sure of more than just the shade of something, his bright green eyes contrasted sharply with the rest of his form. He seems to be experiencing a very thick nosebleed. He leans in to me and tells me to stay as still as possible. For some reason, I oblige. He reaches into a pocket on his jacket as if he's about to pull out something, but he freezes. He pulls his hand out and leans even closer to me. He's about to say something, but a thick, black glob of drool falls out of his mouth. He starts to make choking sounds. For a minute, it appears as if he's about to vomit, but he seems to swallow it back down. He recomposes himself, but something else is going wrong. His eyes - they were being pushed out of his skull. He made that awful wailing sound I heard in my other dream as both of his eyes slid out of place, that thick, black liquid forcing them out.

His face erupts.

The liquid sort of slowly pushes parts of his head out. His head has completely ruptured. His body, seeming to be its own sentient entity, starts moving around in spasms. In a combination of scooting and crawling across the floor in a jerky, uncoordinated manner, it takes leave of the room.

As it leaves, I can hear it scream a question to me. Even though the question is garbled and slurred, I still recognize it. It's a familiar one.


I wake up.

The waking day itself would've been mostly normal until I encountered a series of black handprints leading from my kitchen floor into the basement after getting home from work. Following it, I found an audio cassette in the basement. I had completely forgotten to look for the things.

I played it in an old tape player of mine. The first five minutes is audio of what sounds like wind rustling through trees and someone nearby breathing heavily. After those five minutes, you can hear car doors slamming closed in the distance and people talking. After a minute or so, the voices fade away. The other twenty-some minutes are exactly like the first five.

Sam's girlfriend told to call me he'd be getting home sometime Sunday afternoon. I'm interested in how that will go.

Greg will be answering questions asked by readers of the journal tomorrow night. If you have a question for him, address it to him and post it in the comments for this entry.


Chronus Valtiel said...

What a horrible nightmare, R.F.
While I have no questions for Greg, yet, (and thank you, Greg, for joining us) I was wondering if you could upload the cassette tape audio for us to try and decipher it.

vitpink said...

This is a question for either R.F. or Greg.

Who was the employing party on the project?

Brettrick said...

Greetings, R.F. I have only recently come across your blogs concerning the Red King Project and what I have read both disturbs and intrigues me. While there are many questions I have for both you and Greg, there is one that continues to be at the forefront of my mind.

When describing your nightmares, there is the occasional mention of a black liquid that erupts out of the faces of some of the denizens of your dreams. You also mentioned that when you entered the squatters shack in the woods, there was a jar of black liquid. Did these seem to be the same type of liquid? If so, perhaps there is more to that squatter than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Questions for Greg:

Was the "weird little" guy who treated the people who were injured known as Samuel Tyler, a/k/a Sam or Sammy?

Early on, R.F. mentioned that the subject, who we now know as called the Red King, had since acquired diabetes. Can you confirm, and if so, was this Type I or Type II? If Type I (again assuming you know), was this also noted in the background files you had access to? As you know, Type I diabetics often suffer from petit mal seizures--this could be significant if he had one during the experiment.

R.F. said...

Greg won't be registering until he makes his post tomorrow night. For now I am going to answer the question(s) asked of him with emails he has sent me.


I'll be uploading the audio as soon as I get the time and find a decent audio hosting service that will allow for a half hour of audio to be uploaded.


For reasons outlined in the comments section of the last entry, Greg and I don't feel entirely comfortable with revealing any former or current employers.


It's hard to tell. The jar I remember finding at the squatter's shack was full of the liquid, and it was also sort of dark out there. It looked the same, but judging the texture well would've been difficult without opening the jar and pouring some out onto a surface that would make examining it easier. Even so, I can't think of any real differences between the two liquids.


From Greg: "That's a good question. It was one of those names that ends with an -y (danny, tommy, and so forth), but I'm not sure I'd be wlling to swear by it being Sammy. I'll speak to someone who would know sometime soon. Someone has to remember his name.

From what I know, the subject did not have any type of diabetes."

I considering calling Sam tonight - his girlfriend said he would be home sometime this afternoon. I had a lot to do for my kids today, though, so I just never felt up to it. If he really wanted to get into contact with me, I think he would've been the first to call anyway. If he doesn't call by tomorrow evening, I'll call again.

Keep asking questions. Greg will be back to answer them and make his own post.

Azirphaeli said...

Hey, if greg needs a place to store the file, I have alot of webspace and would be more then happy to accomodate him.

Drop me a line if he still needs a place to put it:

vitpink said...

Have either you or Greg noticed if there is any particular stimulus that sets off the hallucinations?

vitpink said...

Please excuse the double post, but I've thought of some more questions.

Who do you think is implanting the information/hallucinations?

R.F. lost all memory of his truck. Have you lost any memories like that, or have you gained any memories that seem questionable?

Do you know where we might find other copies of the video to see how they compare with the copy that R.F. has?


Michelle said...

Hi R.F. your nightmare is very disturbing to me. I've noticed it's sort of an odd cross between "Johnny Got his Gun" which you mentioned earlier as being present at the squatters shack and "A Clockwork Orange" Even I have sometimes see references from movies, or TV in dreams and hope for your sake that was the case here. However, given the nature of the project I'm forced to consider the alternative that this is at least part of a real memory of something that was physically done to you. The black goo seems to pop up a great deal. I'll be interested to know if this is a common image in the hallucinations of greg or the others

Anonymous said...

Greg, thanks for your responses to our questions. I am curious about the fact that RF did, at one point, suggest that the subject might have had diabetes. I will take a guess and say that the RF said diabetes because the subject presented with hypoglycemia, or may have acquired it as a side-effect of the experiment. In other words, perhaps something about the experiment caused a blood-sugar deficiency in the subject. The hallucinations you and RF have had, as well as the amnesia, may also be signs of hypoglycemia as a result of your proximity to whatever it was that happened in that room. Of course, this is all dependent on whether the subject had any symptoms at all and that RF was not confusing this man with someone else.

I know you're being bombarded with questions, but I think we'd all like to know more about the subject--particularly the two childhood accidents he had (according to RF), and what you might know about the subject's friend who went missing.

Oh yes, I forgot; were you able to confirm whether the "orderly" (if I can call him that) was named Sammy? Thanks in advance; we're all eager to help you and RF.

vitpink said...

Sorry, but I have more questions, this one is for Greg. Have you looked at the pictures that were sent to R.F. from SST? Do they mean anything to you?

This question is for both of you. I don't understand the reason you don't want to seek medical help for your hallucinations. If there is not a physical problem (a MRI can determine this), then there is a brain problem and maybe one Thorazine a day could stop the hallucinations. You both know this better than me so I don't understand...unless you are trying to recover memories of the project. I would be afraid to hallucinate because it might not go away, I could stay in that world and it would be too terrifying.

I wonder if this is what happened to the vets that have simply disappeared. Maybe they got stuck in the hallucination and took a walk in the desert or something.

Greg said...


I am the opposite of R.F. when it comes to side effects caused by the project. I experience hallucinations rarely, but memory loss and memory alterations are frighteningly common for me. One example that depressed me for some time was the "disappearance" of Jung Jung, my cat. I had him for five years. I woke up one day, and every trace of the cat was gone. No one else in my family remembered him, and I could find none of his toys or food/snacks could be found in the house. He had at least five pictures in a family album, but when I checked for them, they had all been replaced with pictures of a family barbecue.

I also forgot an entire week at one point. Two former coworkers experienced similar incidents. I started writing with my hand instinctively one day, and I was greatly confused. Like most people, I'm right handed. Well, I thought I was. Everyone else around me who pays attention to that sort of thing seems to be certain I've always been left handed. Sometimes I'll wake up and have trouble remembering exactly what's where, but those memories usually come back to me over time.


I actually think R.F. got him confused with one of the volunteers we used to glean information from. I don't really remember the other candidates that well.

He just told us they were all typical childhood accidents. He never gave us more than that, and we never looked for more than that.

No luck, but Sammy is back in town.


Yes, I have seen the pictures. No, they do not make sense to me.

We have all talked about getting help, but only one person in our group of friends has actually done it. The rest of us are just scared. We're scared of what they'll think, what we'll discover, what we'll have to give away. The fear is paralyzing and very difficult to explain. I really know that it would be the right thing to do, but I just can't make myself do it.

R.F. said...


We're going to look for a free, public uploading service first. No offense to any of you, but we wouldn't feel completely comfortable sending the file to a party that does not wish well on us. Any one of you could be someone related to the Red King Project - someone malicious. If we can't find what we're looking for, we'll set up some sort of anonymous email and send it over to you.


If something is setting off these hallucinations in us, we haven't recognized it yet; however, the hallucinations do follow certain patterns. I am more likely to hear aural hallucinations in the morning and early evening than any other time of day. My visual hallucinations usually happen in the afternoon or late night. Greg does not experience hallucinations as regularly as I do. He'll have about three per week (usually two aural experiences and one visual), and they often occur when he's alone and in the early morning. His longer hallucinations are usually accompanied by loss of time and memory of the events leading up to the hallucination afterwards. I experience this in only severe circumstance.

If anyone's intentionally causing the hallucinations in us, it's our former employers. It started around the time the project was canceled, and they appear to have done something questionable. If they have done something wrong, this makes them the only party with an actual motive. I really doubt it could be anybody else.


There may be a possibility that my mind came up with a twisted version of something that actually happened, but anything even coming close to being exactly like that is extremely unlikely. Had that actually taken place, I should be a quadriplegic and clearly that is not the case.

The black muck has appeared in a couple of other coworkers' hallucinations (according to Greg). One old acquaintance of ours walked out of his house one day to find that it was raining the thick, black liquid. He went back inside to get someone else to come and look, but all traces of it had "dried up" before anyone else could see it. Another friend frequently has nightmares in which a loved one of his will weep, and their tears will be black. Greg has not had a run-in with the goo himself.