Sunday, August 12, 2007


I logged onto the internet this evening in hopes of getting some work done, and I find I've received some rather unpleasant images from an unfamiliar sender. I just want to know who sent me these two pictures. Someone here obviously knows who I am and has my email. Whoever you are, please step forward. I'm not mad. I just want to know who you are.

To the rest of you, I am going to finish what I needed to do in the first place. Later on I'll be back to answer questions.


Sartor said...

Those are horrifying pictures...

Do you have the email address of the sender? Perhaps we could track him down for you and help you find out what's going on.

Chronus Valtiel said...

That's... bad. Almost threatening.
Do you have any idea of what these pictures signify?
Any physical deformities, particularly involving the brain or the mind? This could be a threat, or a cry for help.
Also, if you don't mind, could you send us the text of the email, if any?

R.F. said...


I have the email address, but I think I'll give them a day to step forward before I give it out to anyone.


Second one reminds me of pictures I saw years ago of children born with a certain genetic deformity. I can't remember the name of it - that area of science has never really been my specialty.

First picture could be a deformed person, but it looks more like someone wearing a mask on the lower half of their face and bugging their eyes out.

For now, I doubt it's a threat or cry for help. Could just be a prank or something from one of the colleagues I sent links to this blog to. If so, they'll own up to it soon enough.

That's not to say the pictures aren't bothering to look at, mind you. I just don't feel very threatened by them at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The second picture does remind me of a person with hydrocephalus, but it could be an accident victim whose skull has been crushed. As for the top picture,that doesn't look real at all to me. Both, of course, could simply be composites.

Scott said...

RF - In your mind, what do these pictures mean? You say it could be a prank by a colleague, but what would make someone whom you sent a link to this blog think that this is funny? I certainly don't read over what you've posted and think "You know what would be funny here? Skull deformities!" So what do you think the tie in is between your work (or the work of your colleagues) and these pictures?

Also what does "I am going to finish what I needed to do in the first place" mean exactly?

R.F. said...

Well, some of my former coworkers from the Red King Project had at least some experience in medicine, and a few of them have some peculiar senses of humor. Looking back, especially after getting the text message, this is more than likely a malicious prank if anything. It's too eerie and "out there" to be the product of a friend. I gave them a chance to step forward and maintain privacy, and they sent me another irrelevant message anyway.

I'm afraid that, in my newest update, I had to go with my gut and post their email address.

To the second part of your post, I was just getting online to do some independent research and type some stuff up for work.