Friday, August 24, 2007

The Motel

Like R.F., I had an absolutely loverly night.

I stayed at a motel out in what was pretty much the middle of nowhere, and I felt pretty unwelcome the moment I stepped into the place. A large group of maybe a little under twenty people was gathered in the lobby. Looking at them, I found they all vaguely resembled one another; they looked to be brothers and sisters, perhaps. The tallest one, a pale man with sunglasses, turned to the beautiful, blonde woman beside him and whispered something in her ear. Had they noticed how uncomfortable and out of place I was?

The man running the desk was a squirrelly-looking fellow. We made small talk for a few minutes, and he seemed very excited that "business was picking up" and that his motel had "no place to go but up". It was an utter dump.

I managed to get what seemed to be the biggest room in the place and was settled in fairly early. I would be heading out east in the morning, and I needed sleep. I seemed to be suffering a bout of insomnia, though. I was still wide awake past midnight, watching COPS or some similar show on television. Just as I thought I might be drifting off to sleep, I heard what sounded like something falling into the bathroom sink. Liquid. The sink may have just broken somehow.

I got up to investigate. Walking into the bathroom, I notice that the sink is full of that black muck R.F. keeps referencing. I'm staring at it, not sure what to do, when I notice there's another person in the mirror in front of me: it's gray man, the Twitcher. His face is emotionless, but his bright green eyes seem to be boring a hole into my head. I quickly turn around. No one is behind me. I look back into the mirror, and his reflection remains. I stare at him, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, it happens.

He reaches his hand out of the mirror, grabs a hold of the front of my hair, and pulls me face-first into the mirror in what seemed like just a second. It shatters violently. As I looked into the shattering glass through the blood pouring out of my forehead, I saw him "twitch" out of sight. Stumbling out of the bathroom and eventually the entire room, I wandered into the lobby and fell to the floor. Squirrelly Guy had been napping at his desk but was awakened by my abrupt and dramatic entrance.

He rushes to my side and asks what's wrong. I'm about to explain that I've just had the front of my head cut open when I realize I'm no longer bleeding. In fact, there's no sign of any such injury on me. I tell him that there's been a personal emergency and that I should leave quickly.

I quickly grab what few things I have from my room and get out of there.

I'm driving along, not sure if I'm even going to bother to try and find another place to sleep at this point, when another fun little incident occurs. I realized that something was following me. Something in the woods on the side of the road, something large and dark, was running alongside me. I just couldn't see it.

Admittedly, I went a little faster than I probably should have. I just wanted to keep driving, but I eventually was too tired. I found a larger, franchise hotel and stayed there with no incident.

R.F. called me in the morning, and I decided it'd be best if the both of us were in the same place so that any unpleasant experiences we had could be compared or examined/viewed by the other.

I have spent most of the time observing the surrounding area and the now completely empty squatter's shack. We only use his study for using the computer, as the freshly black carpet in there that we can both see indicates to us that the room is somehow "tainted", as silly as that may sound. We're both waiting for something.

Well, I'm waiting for something not to happen, more or less.


Anonymous said...

Greg, it sounds as though you've seen the Twitcher before; have you?

RF, have you been in contact with your wife and daughters? Are they ok?

Greg said...

I had not had any previous experience with the Twitcher myself, but RF has encountered him in both a nightmare ("The room.") and "real life" ("Short post.")