Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Bad Day: the final details.

Shortly after my last update, my wife "arrived" home. According to her, she did have the car and I must've just been seeing things. This is true of course, but it did bring up some feelings of resentment I have towards the way she has started to treat me after the initial truck incident. She acts like I'm a handicapped child who actually believes in these things I know to be simple hallucinations. It's degrading. That coupled with the frustrating experiences I had gone through during the day really put me on a harsh defense. Well, she got into one of her lectures again, and of course that led to an argument.

So it has not been a very pleasant night in my household.

By the time we finally calmed down, I was too put off with the whole damn series of events to bother asking her about Sammy. I'll do so after work.

I spent most of the time after the argument trying to finish up some work that I would normally have done earlier, but my thoughts kept drifting, and I got basically nothing done. Between that and me leaving work early, I imagine tomorrow will not be very pleasant either.

I have given the person behind those mysterious emails the opportunity to step forward, and they have done nothing that remotely resembles an apology or explanation. I gave them a fair chance, but they wasted it. Oh well.



lelepooh1 said...

I have been following your story. I wrote an email to this mystery person and will keep you updated if I hear anything.

Sean said...

Just out of curiosity, what are you working on now? You mention it's a meaningless project, but it could help us get a better picture of how we can help.

Michelle said...

Hi. Your mystery e-mailer

lelepooh1 said...

The person who emailed you is none other than the "sammy" that called your house. Samuel Tyler to be exact. Does that name ring a bell? He didn't say much other than that this has been going on since before the project. What do you think that means?

Michelle said...

Whoops. Sorry about that, We think we have a lead on your emailer, but is it safe to talk here? Well I suppose he knows fairly well who he is and wouldn't object to you knowing. But still makes me nervous. I think we've found your "sammie" but he's talking in riddles we don't understand. I know you might find this an odd question but when's your birthday?

R.F. said...


I can't go into great detail about it, but it has to do with studying the effects of children forcibly isolated from society (feral children). I don't have a lot of coworkers like on Red King, and things are moving pretty slowly at the moment.

My job's sort of to analyze how the thinking processes between a feral child and a regular human differs.


Samuel Tyler is as familiar to me as Sammy was without a last name. I don't know what he could mean when he talks about this happening before the Red King Project. I had never experienced a hallucination in my life before getting involved in this.

If he is the same Sam, I'm going to have a lot to ask him. Still, it could just an unfortunate coincidence.


I see no reason to be afraid to post here about what he says.

My birthday is September 15th.