Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quick post.

I'll be busy tonight, so I thought it'd be best if I update and answer posted comments now.

I asked my wife about Sammy, and she told me that I've known him for some time, and she met him herself at a Christmas party a couple of years back. I had to be cautious in how I asked her questions so we wouldn't argue again over her worrying, and it seems Sammy is a physical therapist who calls to chat often. I do not remember any of these conversations. Oh well.

I tried to call him back today (simply because I felt it the cordial thing to do - I have no idea how I would actually speak with someone who considers themself a close friend but one I can't remember) but no dice.

Moving on to another subject...

Good news!

My colleague in Toronto (who will go by Greg) called me today and told me that he had taken some time off not long ago and was already down in the States. He should be in California by Friday or Saturday. When he gets here, we'll get together and he'll discuss things he think will be of particular interest to myself and followers of this journal.


Anonymous said...


The natural question to follow up with you is whether you or anyone in your family has had any recent need for a physical therapist. Were you in an accident sometime prior to the Red King Project?

vitpink said...

Do you have a degree in Psychology? The kind of work you do and the work you did for the Red King Project seem to suggest a graduate degree in Psychology.

Have you had an MRI? You said you had been in an auto accident years ago and I think that some severe head trauma cases can start causing problems years after the original incident.

R.F. said...


Never. My family has been blessed with luck in that regard. We're a very fortunate and content group of people.

(Well, sometimes I wish I had had a son, but that's only when I'm really mad at one of the girls. Heh.)

As for myself, even if I may not remember one person connected with it, I'd like to think I'd have some way of knowing I was in an accident that severe at some point.


Yes, that's been my area of expertise since high school. It's always come naturally to me.

As for the other things you've asked, I do believe you are gravely mistaken. I have never, ever been involved in an automobile accident. I am a competent driver, and I know how to handle myself on the road. I don't know where you're getting this from.