Tuesday, August 21, 2007

entry 19

I had a conversation with Samuel today.

He called me shortly after I arrived home from work. He sounded very composed and lucid at the beginning of our conversation, though he seemed to be holding back a large amount of emotion. Like the meeting between Greg and myself, I have transcribed the conversation best to my memory with any intentional changes made mostly for easier reading.

Samuel: Uh, ****** *******?

Me: This is him.

Samuel: Good.

A quiet pause.

Samuel: I knew that I had to get into contact with you when I first found out about your blog. I've been looking for information regarding the Red King Project to surface on the internet for months now. I - It got got to the point where I only started checking every few days.

Me: Right.

Samuel: Uh, well - I was surprised. I have a hard time keeping tabs on all of you people all the time. Your condition seemed mild compared to certain others, but you're unique in that you're the first to bring this matter to the public. You overcame one of many obstacles placed in your path.

Another pause.

Samuel: I guess you gave me hope. You realize you're sick, right?

Me: Uh, I'm not sure that's the term I'd use.

Samuel: But it's true. You're infected with it. They have two options: you can let them finalize you, you can be locked away, or he will make you into it.

Me: Locked away? I'm not a dangerous person.

Samuel: You don't understand. You can't always recognize your prison. You keep expecting this to be taking place in a world of stability and logic. This is not- this is not what it is. You shift when it decides to shift you. Random times have their purpose.

Me: You're not making any sense.

Samuel: You're going to tell them.

Me: What?

Samuel: You will write what I say down, and you will tell them. I don't know what to say. I don't feel comfortable.

Me: They depend on me to get information regarding the project. My journal is useless if I do not share knowledge like this with them.

Samuel: I know. I know.

He sighs, and there is another pause.

Samuel: The most important thing to know is-

His voice cracks a little.

Samuel: To tell your children you love them...

Here he appeared to stifle a sob

Samuel: ...And put them someplace safe.

Me: I'm sorry - is that a threat?

Samuel: Things are picking up. About a week ago...

He starts to cry quietly.

Samuel: The hands took my baby away. My ex-wife doesn't even remember him.

His sobbing becomes more intense.

Samuel: And there's that girl living in my house. I don't know - I woke up one day and she was - I don't know who the fuck that even is.

Me: Jesus Christ.

Samuel: She's obnoxious and - and ignorant. I can imagine no scenario where I would be attracted to someone like that.

Me: I had something similar happen-

Samuel: I was supposed to be better!

Loud banging noise.

Samuel: God damn it. They told me things were going to get better.

Me: Who?

Samuel: I have to appeal to him now. I've already spoken with him. In the mirror today.

Me: Calm down. You're not making any sense.

Sam cries quietly to himself.

Me: What did he say?

Samuel: I'm the one...

A pause as his crying hits a high pitch.

Samuel: I'm going to be the one to put all the children to sleep.

Me: What?

Samuel: Hide them from me. Please.

Me: You - you sound worse than any other person I've spoken with.

I can't understand a word of his next sentence, but then:

Samuel: They're going to imprison you.

Me: You have to be more specific, Sam.

Samuel: But he'll utterly destroy you. His hands reach all around the clock. That's why he can't be caught. Killing him? You can't kill what's inside of you - what has made itself a vital part of you.

Samuel screams loudly as if in pain.

Samuel: There's no hope in you, is there? You shouldn't have taken my fucking head. I'll kill... I'll rape them with knives. I'm going to come in their-

I hang up quickly.

I have called the police, but, in their very first steps into the "investigation", they examined all relevant records and confusedly told me that no such conversation could have taken place. They told me that if I truly believed my family was in danger, it would be best to send them to relatives in a safe place. I'm doing just that. My wife and daughters are being sent to live with people I can trust in another state. They're furious with me as school's just recently started and everybody's settling into things, but it is obvious my wife knows that it is not safe to be here with me, though I know she misunderstands what the true threat is. I hope they follow my orders. I hope I don't lose them.

I will get around to the audio when I have time.

That is all for now. For once in a long time, I feel truly exhausted. I'm looking forward to sleep.


Anonymous said...

RF, that was a pretty disturbing conversation with Sam. For the record, however, this was the 18th post, not the 19th--unless one is missing. Was there something that you thought you posted, but didn't?

Sam seems to be implying that you (and perhaps the others, including himself) are possessed, in a religious sense. Sam, according to his own responses to various emails, was not present during the filming of the Red King's subconscious, so maybe his problem is different.

The sounds you refer to, are these the sounds in the recording you found, or did you record the conversation with Sam? The police, I gather, concluded that the phone conversation didn't take place based upon phone records--or at least that's what I assume they said to you. Is that what they said?

vitpink said...

This is what the face in the video looks like.


I am not good at photo editing, so all I've done is changed the contrast and isolated it from the rest of the image to help you see it. The white where its mouth should be is part of the video figure's head, it should give you a sense of scale.
Can R.F. see the image in the video?

R.F. said...


Whoops, I was sort of tired when I wrote that last post. Should've figured the one thing I'd mess up in that state was the first thing people would notice.

Yes, it was a phone conversation. According to the police, there were no phone records of any such kind.

I think your picture is corrupted or something. I just see blackness. You might want to upload it to another host.